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Picture yourself taking deep breaths from a vacuum cleaner bag just before emptying it.

As awful as that sounds, it gives you an accurate picture of the air quality you breathe, after it passes over all the crud and decaying debris in your furnace and ductwork. That’s because your ductwork is a lot like your vacuum cleaner.

Every time your furnace runs, things are sucked into your ductwork: dust, pet hair, cooking grease, cigarette smoke, and other debris that will stay in your ductwork until they eventually decay and are released back into the airstream for you and your family to breathe.

Anyone who has ever cleaned underneath or behind their refrigerator knows just how much gunk a fan will collect.

So if you want to know what’s in the dark depths of your ductwork, just look in your vacuum cleaner and see what you’re breathing. This alone is reason enough to get your ducts emptied today.

healthy home air care before and after cleaning

Before and after cleaning.

We provide the most efficient air-duct cleaning method available using state of the art equipment that gets to the heart of any heating or cooling system.

You’ll be amazed at the difference cleaning your home heating & cooling system can make. We use high powered, gasoline-driven vacuum systems with 200 psi air scrubbers to push the dirt and dust out of your whole air system. We do not use powered shop vac style equipment or equipment designed for carpet cleaning.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

“You will be completely satisfied with your carpet or upholstery cleaning, or it’s Free."™ That’s right: have your carpet or upholstery professionally cleaned by Healthy Home Services, and if you are not completely satisfied, we will again clean, FREE! If you are still not pleased, we will gladly refund your payment. What could be more fair?