We offer a wide range of services. One call does it all! If you require a unique cleaning or repair that is not listed, or have a concern of any kind feel free to call us at: 303-466-3366 for a free inspection.

Air Duct & Furnace Cleaning
We provide the most efficient duct cleaning method available using state of the art equipment that gets to the heart of any heating or cooling system.

Carpet Restretching & Repairs
  • Cleaning power is concentrated on each individual duct. The technician seals all the other air registers in the home, then uncovers one register at a time to clean just that duct. The cleaning power is concentrated, not wasted.
  • Healthy Home Air Duct Cleaning scrubs every duct. Vacuuming is not enough. The technician inserts a specially designed, high pressure air tool into each duct to loosen dirt and lift debris into the vacuum air stream for removal. We have specialized air tools to clean any size or shape duct with tools to travel the full length of every duct to dislodge caked-on dirt.
  • Particulate contaminants are captured OUTSIDE the home. At no time is any air exhausted inside the home thus re-contaminating the environment.
  • Healthy Home Air Duct Cleaning, cleans main trunk lines, even those hidden in walls or ceilings. Trunk lines are the major arteries of your home circulation system where most dirt hides.
  • Our technicians will clean cold air returns as described above. Generally, cold air returns are where we find the majority of contaminants.
  • We use a special manufactured sanitizer designed for air duct system that does not leave residue. The sanitizer will dry in about 10 minutes and kills all microbial material in the duct system. This is applied to the main trunk lines using a special purpose spray tool that delivers mist to all surfaces.

Healthy Home Air Care

Learn more about our air duct and furnace cleaning services by visiting our partner site www.HealthyHomeAirCare.com



Upholstery Cleaning
Refresh your sofa, couches, and chairs with deep steam extraction leaving your upholstery clean and healthy.

Upholstery Cleaning

Like carpet, the most effective way to clean upholstery is with a hot water unit mounted on a truck. We use the most powerful cleaning machine on the market, and the only machine that most effectively removes dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollen, and tobacco residue from the furniture you use every day.

  • Water is heated to a high temperature, and injected with cleaning solution to the upholstery at high pressure.
  • This method breaks up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and pollen in the upholstery.
  • Our machine uses high suction to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your upholstery leaving it clean, fresh and healthy.

You own high-quality furniture - you want it to look good and give years of dependable service - you need to take particularly good care of it. This means you should have it cleaned by a skilled, qualified technician at least every six months to one year, depending on the amount of soiling and use it receives.

Carpet Cleaning
Every aspect of our company is focused on developing the most thorough cleaning obtainable.

Carpet Cleaning

We consistently utilize state-of-the-art truck-mounted equipment, techniques, and cleaning agents, along with top-notch IICRC-certified personnel, to achieve optimal cleaning results for your home.

The biggest enemy of carpet is dirt. Soiled carpets wear out faster because foot traffic grinds dirt into fibers, causing them to fray. Then fibers unwind and mat together like dirty hair on a stray dog. The most effective defense against this kind of carpet wear is frequent cleaning. Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once, preferably twice, a year.

Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction using a truck-mounted unit—and using a portable unit only in areas that the truck-mounted unit can’t reach.

Here are the three reasons why a truck-mounted unit cleans much better than a portable unit:

  • This method heats the water to a higher temperature. For every 18° increase in temperature above 118°F, the cleaning ability of the solution is doubled—for example, if the water temperature is 136°F, the solution will clean twice as effectively as it would using water that is 118°F; and 154° water will clean 4 times as well as 118°F water, etc., until a maximum water temperature level of 250°F is reached.
  • The truck-mounted method injects the cleaning solution into your carpet at higher pressures than conventional methods—300 to 400 pounds per square inch—which most effectively breaks down the dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and pollen.
  • The truck-mounted machine uses stronger suction to draw the soils, pollutants, and residues out of your carpet.


Iron Burn

Using a process called a bonded insert, the burn can be removed and a new donor piece can be inserted in the same area.

Paint Stain

Most paint stains can be removed with correct cleaning and a good stain removal process, in some cases a bonded insert may be needed with a donor piece provided from a closet.

Pet Damage

This type of repair is usually done with a new piece of carpet inserted into area after the damage has been cut out, a donor piece of carpet is usually required.

Healthy Home Carpet Repair

Visit our partner site www.HealthyHomeCarpetRepair.com for more information.


Crayon Removal

Most crayon removal can be done with correct cleaning and a good stain removal process.

Cigarette Burn

Using a process called a bonded insert, the burn can be removed and a new donor piece can be inserted in the same area.

Broken Seam

Delaminated seams or seams that have cracked apart can be rebuilt using the new Microwave technology and special hot melt tape, this will make the damaged seam stronger than new.


Carpet Restretching & Repair
Fast service and a great warranty! In just a few hours or less, your damaged carpets, berber or rug can be fixed for good.

Carpet Restretching & Repairs

These are just a few examples of the repair services we can provide.

If you require a repair that is not listed, or have a concern of any kind feel free to call us at:

 303-466-3366 for a free inspection.

Carpet Restretching

Carpet with wrinkles and bumps can be repaired using a tool called a Power Stretcher. This tool, when combined with an experienced technician, will make your carpets look like new.

Berber Pulled Row

Berber pulls can be made to look like new by either retufting or with a bonded insert from a donor piece from a closet.


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